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When Hitler Killed Jesus

urlThe first few chapters of Dark Eden I was on the fence.  The trees go ‘hmmmph hmmph’ like a million times.  They don’t have the adjective ‘very’ so the characters say things like ‘it was good good’ or ‘sad sad SAD.’

As you can imagine that gets annoying annoying fast.

My grievances aside, I ended up really liking this story.  It’s a nice departure from dystopian YA and twisted fairy tales, which I’ve been reading a bit too much of lately.

The story is set in Eden, a dark planet somewhere out in space.  A couple hundred years ago, three men and a ship called Defiant left Earth’s perimeter and jumped through space, landing on Eden.  Unexpectedly along for the ride were also two space police–Angela and Michael, who were trying to stop Defiant.

Though full of life, the planet has no sun, only plants and animals that give off light.  Unsure that their damaged ship will even make it back to Earth, Angela decides to stay on Eden with one of the 3 men of Defiant (Tommy).  They have several children, who have children, etc. until they’ve sired a family of 500+ really inbred folks. Continue reading


Clearly I’m No Bob Ross…

Outside In (Harlequin Teen, 2011), is the second of the Insider Books by Maria V. Snyder (who also wrote the Study Series that I not so secretly LOVE. If you ever see this, Maria, more Valek please). Anyways… back to Outside In. Bottom line. Did it feel a bit like re-reading Inside Out? Some. Did I care? Not even a little. The second book in the series was just as fun and exciting as its predecessor. If you haven’t discovered Maria V. Snyder yet, shame on you, and go buy her books.