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Conversations with My Husband: Magicians are Not Wizards

Me: I am reading this really good book. I think you would like it. It’s called The Night Circus (by Erin Morgenstern, Doubleday 2011). It starts out with these two guys who each take an apprentice to train and eventually compete in some vague competition. Instead of a stage, their platform will be the Night Circus.

Husband: Like Barnum & Bailey’s? I always liked the motorcycle Cage of Death!

Me: Not exactly. It is a special circus only open from dusk til dawn & everything is black & white… the tents, the costumes, everything. They have normal circus acts like acrobatics, but they have all kinds of other things you can’t even imagine!

Husband: From Dusk til Dawn was an awesome movie. Are there vampires trying to eat everyone at the circus? Is Cheech there?! I bet Cheech loves the circus.

Me: I say all of that & all you get out of it is Cheech? There are no vampires in this book. It is about magicians competing against each other to the death in a circus. They design these insane tents like one with a cloud maze and another is an ice garden and one is filled with jars & when you open one you are transported into a dream! They keep trying to one up each other, but at the same time keep the circus from imploding in on itself, possibly killing everyone in the process.

Husband: Why do you read so many books with wizards in them?

Me: Magicians are not wizards. They exist within completely different genres. Wizards typically have a staff or wand. These are magicians altering the physical world with their minds. Impressive, right?

Husband: It is all magic, so it is the same thing. Circus wizards could be pretty interesting though.

Me: If you would just read Harry Potter there wouldn’t be this much confusion.

Husband: You knew I hadn’t read Harry Potter before we got married. I gave you an out. I’ll read them when we have kids.

Me: And do voices.

Husband: Yes. And do voices.

Me: Deal.

Husband: So about this wizard book you are reading…

Me: They are MAGICIANS not wizards. You’re doing it to annoy me now. Do you want to read about a fantastical circus that has kittens jumping through hoops of fire, an epic battle of wits to the death, & a not too mushy love story or not?

Husband: No thanks. You know how I feel about wizard books.

Me: <<Facepalm>>