Because You Could Die Literally At Any Point Today

theduff__spanDuff by Kody Keplinger has been out for awhile.  Long enough that I remember shelving it while working at Borders and that was at least five years ago.

I’ll be honest, the premise on the back never sounded that appealing to me, but then I saw they were making a movie out of it, and I was like, “surely they wouldn’t make a movie out of a boring, horribly written book” so I got it from the library.

I mean, watch this trailer.  This movie looks cute.  It is guaranteed to have a make-over montage set to music which is probably my favorite kind of montage:

It has ‘her?!’ from Arrested Development!

Let’s go back to my ill fated stream of consciousness.  “They wouldn’t make a movie from a boring, horribly written book!”  Come on Rhymenocerous.  Those are like, the MOST successful teen movies. Probably all the producers from Twilight learned is that they should ONLY pick boring, terribly written trash to make into moving pictures.

So this is not so much a book review as a complaint department.  This book was literally SO BAD I started worrying about ways I might die.  When I’m staring down the Apocalypse and alien ships are dropping from the sky I want the book in my hands to be about time-travelling children or at least sentient dinosaurs.  Not another book about how high school is so lame, and all my friends are prettier than me and a boy hurt my feelings, and then just a detailed description of someone going to school and coming back home and literally folding clothes like 15 times.

My death shall be more glorious than that, as God is my witness.


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