The Young Eh-lites

I started this book (The Young Elites, Marie Lu) at the same time as 81JbgVO-5sL, and they started out so similarly I got really confused.  Both have lead girls who are supposedly ‘anti-heroes,’ sisters that are too nice and caring, and sadistic dads who try to sell their daughters into nasty marriages.

However, while Nyx was getting sold into demon sex slavery, Adelina Amouteru runs away from the old creepy dude her father has promised her to, and then accidentally murders her father with a horse.

I would think a horse murder would usually be written off as an accident, but in this world (or is it ancient Greece with a twist, I can’t tell), Adelina is a malfetto, a surivivor of a fever-sickness that left her with silver hair and missing an eye. I’ll be quite honest I’m not positive how you lose an eye because you have a high fever but WHATEVER and also even though she’s disfigured it’s important that Adelina is still hot because that’s where us girls get our real value, am I right?

Anyway, some malfetto’s have super powers, and Adelina’s father spent her whole life trying to illicit a reaction from her, doing all sorts of effed up stuff to her, mostly involving butterflies.

However, it isn’t until she runs away that she’s able to conjure up some demon clouds and scare her dad (and the horses into trampling him).  She doesn’t get far before she’s turned in to the Inquisition and sentenced to death, but before she can be burned alive she’s rescued by a squad of X-men.  Sorry, I mean Young Elites, hot young things that also have badass superpowers and run around town thwarting the government.

Unsurprisingly the hottest, baddest Young Elite is named Enzo, and besides being a crown prince he also makes Adelina’s nether-parts all tingly.  Plus he likes to do Christian Grey type things like put her in danger or make her angry to force her to perform better.  Adelina’s powers are strengthened when she feels anger or hate, which doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster AT ALL.

Things are going pretty good for Adelina, I mean, as good as they can go when you have one eye, an anger problem and live in a brothel, but then the Inquisition finds her again.  Teren, the team lead of the inquisitors blackmails her into helping him (pretty easily I might add, her reason for not telling the rest of the Elites is pretty weak), and this of course gets complicated with her being accepted into the group and exchanging small smiles and tingles with Enzo.


There are some interesting developments that I think help the story from being completely a drag (Teren isn’t who he seems, Adelina might be the villain, someone dies unexpectedly), but as a whole I was a bit disappointed.

I read Marie Lu’s Legend series when it was released, and though I really liked the first one I thought the others got weaker and weaker.  The Young Elites is also a series, and honestly I don’t feel compelled to find out what happens to Adelina and the gang.  There were too many predictable plot lines, too many easily surmountable problems, cliched language all over the place…

Honestly it was just a little boring.  But just for fun I suggest you looking up the fan art because there are a LOT of people drawing vaguely anime Adelina’s out there.



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