200 Posts, Baby!

We’re back! Have you missed us as much as we’ve missed you??

We took a short break for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that this, right here, this post that you are reading, is our 200TH POST!!


And we wanted to dance and celebrate and offer up a very special pilgrimage post to mark the event! But then, you know… life.

So we decided that the pilgrimage post will have to wait, because we’re just too excited and we have lots of new books that are just waiting to be reviewed. And then we decided…


Robin Sparkles: I’m more pumped than Carlton listening to Tom Jones and Dwight listening to Motley Crue COMBINED!carlton


Anastasia Beaverhausen: I’m more excited than Drunk Ron Swanson!

Captain Awesome: I’m happier than The Doctor dancing in a bow tie! Even though bow ties ARE cool.
Dr. Who dancing

Sword Mistress of Melee Island:

Rhymenocerous: I’m more pleased than a seagull stealing chips!


Princess Consuela:


And really, isn’t that a better way to celebrate anyway?

Here’s to the next 200!



About Robin Sparkles

Robin Sparkles spent her formative years as a teen popstar in the great country of Canada. She went on to a successful career solving mysteries in space using her mad math skillz. Now retired, Robin can often be found at her favorite bar, Hoser Hut, with her good friend and Canadian treasure, Alan Thicke. She still dons her bedazzled jacket on special occasions. View all posts by Robin Sparkles

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