Spies and Thieves

Double CrossedI believe I’ve mentioned my love of stories about spies and thieves before. In fact, one might say that I’ve discussed it incessantly. It should be no surprise then that Ally Carter is one of my favorite YA authors. I mean she has one series about teenaged spies and another series about teenaged thieves. What’s not to love? Now in anticipation of new books coming out in BOTH series in 2013, Ally Carter has put out the holy grail for obsessive fans like me: a crossover story.  And the best part is that it’s free!

Double Crossed (Disney/Hyperion 2013) finds Gallagher Girl Macey McHenry and Heist Society’s W.W. Hale V meeting up at a fancy society charity gala.  Both were born into immense privilege and both can tell that the other has more going on beneath the surface. So naturally when a group of thieves crash the party and hold everyone hostage, Macey and Hale have to team up to save the day, with a little outside help from master thief Kat Bishop and super-agent Aunt Abby. Yay!

The plot is kind of beside the point here. I mean all I really ask in a crossover story is that there be a legitimate reason for the characters to cross paths.  And of all the characters from both series, Macey (who is my favorite Gallagher Girl, by the way) and Hale make the most sense. Not only were they both born into that uber-rich world, but they both use that world to hide their true badass selves. There are lots of fun “why is that billionaire boy pick-pocketing the mayor (because he can)” and  “why does that socialite know Albanian (because it was for extra credit) kind of moments. The heist plot makes enough sense and it’s satisfying when they inevitably take the bad guys down.

Double Crossed is a treat for the fans. Not to get too greedy, but it made me want a whole bunch of stand-alone crossover novels, like those Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys specials from when I was a kid. You don’t need to have read the previous books to understand the story though. And since it also contains the first three chapters of Heist Society and I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You, it’s a good way for readers to sample Ally Carter’s world. The story is only available electronically, but you can read it at SpiesAndThieves.com if you do not have an e-reader.  And only a few more weeks until the next book!


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