Divine Intervention*

About a month ago, when I was right in the midst of not only a massive, pre-movie Hunger Games trilogy reread but also Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I was complaining at work that I needed something a bit on the lighter side to balance out all the ‘teenagers walking into certain death’ that was currently occupying my nightstand. My coworker came in the next day and handed me what I am now calling one of the perfect books to read while you’re reading other stuff. It’s not high literature or anything that requires any sort of investment on your part other than to pick it up, read a little, laugh out loud, and then go back to whatever teen angst-fest you happen to be immersed in at that moment. Also, it’s Chelsea Handler.

Now I LOVE Chelsea Lately, so it’s a little surprising to me that I have never picked up any of Handler’s books, but I will now, because over the past month, Are You There Vodka, It’s Me, Chelsea, has been my go-to book when I’ve needed a little break from whatever else I was reading. It is perfect for this because the whole book is really just a collection of short stories about her life. You can read one chapter, put it down for a week, and not feel like you’re going to forget something crucial because there’s nothing crucial to forget. You’re just on to the next hilarious story. It’s awesome.

The book itself is a riot. Handler is known for being raunchy, and yes, there was a lot of that, but there were also stories about her family and childhood that were equally hilarious – the time she convinced her middle school class that she was going to play Goldie Hawn’s daughter in a sequel to Private Benjamin was one of my favorites. In addition to taking the edge of other, heavier fare, it would also be the perfect book for:

  • beach reading (preferably in a beach chair sitting directly in the surf, as is the wont of both myself and Princess Consuela)
  • plane reading (provided you don’t mind a little covert snickering if you’re seated next to strangers)
  • reading during times of high stress in your life (that big presentation at work will not seem nearly as daunting once you’ve spent a half hour with Chelsea in a jail cell because she “borrowed” her sister’s car)
  • general Sunday afternoon merriment when there are no good Lifetime movies on (bonus points if you smugly tell your coworkers that you spent the afternoon reading while they were watching that Real Housewives marathon – they don’t have to know WHAT you were reading)

*See what I did there? With the Divine and the Intervention? You’re welcome.


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Robin Sparkles spent her formative years as a teen popstar in the great country of Canada. She went on to a successful career solving mysteries in space using her mad math skillz. Now retired, Robin can often be found at her favorite bar, Hoser Hut, with her good friend and Canadian treasure, Alan Thicke. She still dons her bedazzled jacket on special occasions. View all posts by Robin Sparkles

One response to “Divine Intervention*

  • Princess Consuela

    I wish I was sitting butt-deep in the ocean right now. Too bad it’s freezing cold and washing up dead jellyfish at the moment.

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