OCD: Striking When You Least Expect It

Lately, I have had a bad case of OMG LET’S ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS. Normally, this is not a problem for me, as I have enormous blinders when it comes to things like clutter and chaos. But every once in a while, it catches up to me, and all of a sudden, I find myself sitting at work stewing the unfairness of having to be chained to my desk when there are closets to be cleared out.

This weekend, my occasional OCD crept up on me when I was trying to figure out if we’d written about a particular book and realized that we have no way of easily finding something, other than our haphazard tags and whatnot. ‘No more!’ I declared to myself. ‘I will ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS.’ And three hours later, we have a handy-dandy index of every book that we’ve reviewed, organized alphabetically by author, for your convenience and my sanity. It’s called the Master Reading List, it’ll live right up there on the top bar, and it will be updated semi-regularly.

Or, you know, whenever my OCD strikes again.


About Robin Sparkles

Robin Sparkles spent her formative years as a teen popstar in the great country of Canada. She went on to a successful career solving mysteries in space using her mad math skillz. Now retired, Robin can often be found at her favorite bar, Hoser Hut, with her good friend and Canadian treasure, Alan Thicke. She still dons her bedazzled jacket on special occasions. View all posts by Robin Sparkles

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