Rampant Reads visits the Garden of Intrigue

Last night, Sword Mistress, Captain Awesome, Princess Consuela, and I braved the wretchedness of I-85 north at rush hour to see the fabulous Lauren Willig at Georgia Gwinnett College. If you aren’t familiar with her work, Willig writes an addictive series of novels about spies in Regency England and France, all named after flowers. “Intrigue. Espionage. Romance. Swordplay. Comedy.” is how her website describes her work, which sums them up nicely.

I can’t remember which Rampant lady first discovered these books (i think it was Princess Consuela), but we’ve all become addicted – some of us more than others – so when we heard she’d be heading to Georgia for a visit, we marked our calendars accordingly.

Willig was promoting her latest book, the 9th in the Pink Carnation series, and we were lucky enough to be the first stop on her tour. The Garden of Intrigue comes out today (happy book birthday!), but happily her publisher agreed to let copies be sold last night, so we all got our greedy paws on one.

Willig was adorable – she obviously enjoys the hell out of writing these books and gets a kick out of the scrapes and love entanglements she gets her characters into. She read two passages from the new book, both of which had us giggling. She then answered questions about her writing process, what’s her plan for characters from past books, and the headache of choosing titles and covers for her novels. She answered every question with a smile and seemed excited to share the inside scoop on the inner life of her characters.

Her true sweetness and affection for her fans came through when she signed. Not only did the four of us approach her in a pack and proceeded to linger and chat all together with her as she signed each of our books, but Princess and Captain had brought their entire collections of her books. This didn’t phase her in the least and she happily signed them all and didn’t freak out at our loud and extremely chatty selves.

A cool bonus awaited us at the signing table. Willig’s first book, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, when it was re-released had a bunch of illustrations, graphic-novel style. The illustrator is a Georgia lady, so she was there with the illustrations! They looked amazing, the illustrations managing to be both beautiful and capturing the humor and playfulness of Wiilig’s book.

Thank you, Lauren Willig for coming and thanks to the Gwinnett Library system and Georgia Gwinnett College’s library for hosting a great event!


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