Clearly I’m No Bob Ross…

Outside In (Harlequin Teen, 2011), is the second of the Insider Books by Maria V. Snyder (who also wrote the Study Series that I not so secretly LOVE. If you ever see this, Maria, more Valek please). Anyways… back to Outside In. Bottom line. Did it feel a bit like re-reading Inside Out? Some. Did I care? Not even a little. The second book in the series was just as fun and exciting as its predecessor. If you haven’t discovered Maria V. Snyder yet, shame on you, and go buy her books.


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11 responses to “Clearly I’m No Bob Ross…

  • Captain Awesome

    Yeah, Maria Snyder is a favorite, so this book has made quite the rounds here at Rampant Reads HQ. The romantic subplot is VERY awkward, but all the action/revolution stuff is fun.

  • SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

    I think she was caught up in the action and then went, “Crap, this is Harlequin!” and threw in some boobs and a fade to black shower scene… it is Harlequin TEEN after all. The 12 year old me would have been quite enthralled with the romance and sheep though. I don’t know that I should have just admitted that…

  • rhymenocerous

    Look for my follow-up ‘kids in space’ post. possibly with drawings too, since I love a blatant rip-off

  • Princess Consuela

    I will second my wish for more Valek. I miss him dreadfully. Also, aren’t you all glad that I forced you to read Poison Study?

  • Erin Grace Deedy Whatley

    Well, Rhymenocerous, Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery. And Princess Consuela, I am very glad you made me read Poison Study. I need to buy my own copies, since I borrowed yours & clearly they are fabulous as re-reads.

    p.s. Maybe one day we won’t be the only people commenting on our posts. lol

  • SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

    Lame… I meant to use my wordpress account… too many buttons!

  • Captain Awesome

    Fun Fact: when Sword Mistress met Maria Snyder at a conference a year or two ago, we made her ask for the correct pronunciation of Valek. Because we are nerds. And we LOVE him.
    And yes, 12 year-old me would have loved all the fade to black romance.

  • Maria V. Snyder

    Loved the comic! I thought the romance was a natural segway – but I’m really really biased ;> And the fade to black is my usual style – feel free to fill in the details 😉

    Just FYI I just put up my short story ICE STUDY about Yelena and Valek on my website – not a novel, but it’s more Valek. Here’s a link:

    Thanks for the post!
    Maria V.

  • SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

    Maria, we are all beyond thrilled that you responded to us AND gave us more Valek all at once. I think I speak for us all when I say that we can’t control our excitement & look forward to the next Inside book (whenever that may be). This is the part where I get embarrassed by all the gushing… Thanks for writing books that we have so much fun reading!

  • CaptainoftheGreenGhost

    When Maria Snyder posted a link to your illustrated review of Outside In, I had to take a look. Very cool BTW. I am a fan of Ms. Snyder’s books. Poison Study and the others in that series are among my favorite although I love Storm Glass and Sea Glass too. Some other great books of a similar genre Cold Magic by Kate Elliot, Divergent by Veronica Roth, and Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith.

  • Robin Sparkles

    Maria, I second Sword Mistress… we are so excited that you paid us a visit here! We’re all huge fans!

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