This Was Going To Be About Something Else, But Then Tyra Banks Ruined It

So Mistress may just be getting to BEA (which, by the way Mistress, I thought I was going to see you there today, and I told novelwhore you would be there and she told other people, and basically, you disappointed everyone and now we hate you) but I just now got home from the magic that is the Book Expo.

I always feel like when I’m in New York I need to be doing “special” things, like going to the Empire State Building or seeing the Rockettes or taking photos sticking my head through the “O” of the Love sculpture on 6th Ave while wearing a fanny pack and comfortable shoes.  So what did I really do while I was in NY?  I ate a lot.  And drank some.  And I got a 1/2 hour massage at this kind of shady place in the West Village for 20 bucks at 1 a.m.  I am just oozing class and sophistication.  Seriously, I think the most touristy thing I did was ride the subway.  But I had a fantastic time, and got to see my old NYU buddies, and stay with my longtime vampire-loving pal Melissa.  And did I mention the food was really good?

But I know you care about none of this–so BEA recap.  First off, putting together the Laarhoven* is much more complicated than I had anticipated, and is truly a feat of engineering. Someone Swedish had to be behind that.  Secondly, people be crazy at BEA, and I almost got trampled by rabid librarians snatching up copies of Tyra Banks new book, Modelland.  My internal dialogue went something like this:

“Is that Tyra sitting over there?  Nah.  It kinda looks like her.  But naaahhh.  Why would she be here?  But all these people are taking pictures with their phones, and there are beefy security guards literally holding back swarms of overly-enthusiastic  fifty-year-olds….”

But my mind could not compute “Tyra Banks” and “books” in the same sentence, and she wasn’t wearing a jumpsuit so she was practically undercover, so it wasn’t until I saw the oversize cardboard cutout with her photograph, emblazoned with Now Signing–Tyra Banks! (which was positioned right next to her… and this internal dialogue lasted about 15 minutes…Encyclopedia Brown I am not) that I realized, “Oh.  I guess it is her.”

I assumed her new ‘book’ was just a ghostwritten, 90% photographs of her wearing jumpsuits, ‘memoir’ of some type, but now that I looked it up on Amazon I am kicking myself for not waiting in the hour long line–I waited for Lev Grossman’s The Magician King instead–and missed out on this:

“inspired by Tyra’s real-life experiences and her creative imagination, the story centers on an awkward teen girl who gets selected to attend the exclusive Modelland academy, where magical Intoxibellas, the world’s best models, are trained. A spot at the academy is woefully out of reach for most girls, so why has quirky Tookie De La Crème, of all people, been selected?”

Oh dear.  I desperately must have that.

So now Tyra Banks has her own YA series.  Please take a moment.  God knows I had to.

I love everything about this picture btw.

So Tyra’s new fantasy series is somehow simultaneously based on her real modeling experiences while also revolving around a secret magical world where “‘Intoxibellas’ –drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce, magical-power-wielding models–are trained.”  I really can’t emphasize enough words in that sentence.  I can pretty much ensure that book will be making an appearance here in the not too distant future.

Other BEA news: 1) The Cheshire Cheese Cat was named one of BEA’s Top 26 Titles which was super awesome. 2) I met a new YA author in line for a book signing–she was super cute, from NC (or SC?) her book was fantasy-ish, I think it was Simon&Schuster, she was on the YA panel maybe, I think ‘Unraveling’ or ‘Untangling’ was somehow in the title, and I’ve spent almost an hour trying to find it online and I can’t!  I know it has a September pub date.  If anyone can figure out what it is for me I will be eternally grateful.  It looked really good.  3) I got a some free schwag:

*You had to google Laarhoven didn’t you?  haha.  Most fun word ever. 


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3 responses to “This Was Going To Be About Something Else, But Then Tyra Banks Ruined It

  • rhymenocerous

    My persistent googling paid off! It’s The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin, I put it on my wishlist

  • welcome to our wonderland

    I’ll have to see if my library has these books

  • SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

    I can’t wait to compare books next week! And SORRY for not getting there until Tuesday. I had BEES to take care of! (Especially sorry to NovelWhore because I heart you big time).

    I guess I can forgive you for not getting Modelland, because lets be honest… one of us was going to secretly buy it and switch the book jacket so that no one knew what we are reading and then just *have* to share it anyways because of all the sparkly jumpsuits that are destined to appear in it.

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