The Sword Mistress of Melee Island Takes on BEA 2011

And so it starts…

I woke up this morning to pack for my trip & finish putting together my bee hive, since my new swarm is coming today. (Yes, I did say bee hive. That is another story to come later.)

No one ever tells you how early 6:30 a.m. really is. I hitched a ride to the airport feeling rushed as always, but with plenty of time. The Starbucks next to the security line taunted me, seeming to say, “Bet you would like to enjoy a tasty latte on your way to your gate. Too bad, sucker! TSA will only rip my delicious coffee goodness from your hands the first chance they get! No coffee terrorists in this airport!” Le sigh…

Getting through security wasn’t so bad & I was able to ignore the surly TSA workers even without the caffeine jolt. I made it down the escalators only to discover the trains out of order. Guess I was walking. I headed toward the moving sidewalks so that I could speed myself along only to be faced with the fact that not only are people so lazy that they will just stand on the moving sidewalk, but they are so rude, they won’t even stand to the side for those of us who would like to use it properly & huff when you ask to pass. However, I did get stuck behind a woman dressed in a corset, booty shorts, patterned leggings & heels, which made it all worth it, especially watching her try to keep up with her boyfriend who was not taking into account her poor choice in airport attire & made her carry their suitcase. Even the Fug Girls would have been speechless.

Now I find myself waiting for my plane, surrounded by a bunch of teenagers on an end of school trip eating burritos at 9:30 in the morning. Oh, how I long for the days when I could eat a burrito at 9:30 a.m. just because I wanted to & not because I’m still tipsy from the night before & burritos sounds like a great idea, but inevitably aren’t.

An excellent start to the week. Stay tuned for more tales of awesome (& of course books!).


So I had this fabulous idea to live blog the day, only to be thwarted by poor cell reception & a dead phone battery. BUT the day was amazing anyways.

Everything is at BEA. I saw jean rompers, Flavor Flav & a slew of books that kept finding their way into my bag. By the end of they day I had more than I could possibly carry, but was determined to leave no book behind, even with blocks to walk & not a cab in site. On the up side, I have books to give away!

Since I worked Carmen Deedy & Barry Moser’s book signing, we will start with their new book, “The Cheshire Cheese Cat,” signed by both of them! Leave us a comment & include your e-mail to enter to win! We will pick a winner next week.


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