Hello! Another blogger intro

What up, internet? I’m Anastasia (don’t you love a good alias?), another of your friendly neighborhood bloggers here at Rampant Reads. I was in the book business for a very long time, starting as book seller and ending up as Wearer of Many Hats at an independent children’s book publisher. One of my job titles was Slush Editor, so that should tell you a bit where my sense of humor comes from.

Though I’m no longer officially in the book business (I’m now a technical writer), books, especially children’s and YA, are my passion. So I’ll be bringing a bit of a dual perspective to my posts.

Like my other fellow bloggers, I don’t have a library – I’m stuck with multiple bulging bookshelves scattered around my house. I’m gonna steal an idea from Princess Consuela and will share a few of my favorite books with y’all.

Here is one of my bookshelves. This has most of my YA and middle reader books and lots of Harry Potter paraphernalia. Yes, that is a framed picture of platform 9 3/4, unfortunately not taken by me.

This is a copy of Squire, by Tamora Pierce, who was a huge influence on me as a young girl – she wrote strong, powerful female characters, characters I wanted to be. I also wanted to bring those types of characters to other kids – she inspired me to become a book editor. Tammy was a featured guest at “The Witching Hour”, a Harry Potter conference I went to in 2005, and when I went up to meet her, I was so nervous, excited and overwhelmed that I almost couldn’t speak to her. She is a lovely person and didn’t mention how badly my hands were shaking.

My aunt bought me this edition of Jane Eyre for my 13th birthday. Some of my fellow bloggers here are, how shall we say, not so fond of Jane Eyre, but it’s always been one of my favorite books. I’m a sucker for Jane’s practical mind yet passionate heart. Plus, this edition is so gorgeous. This book was my gateway into the classics.

Neil Gaiman. Incredible author and a true gentleman. I was at the same signing with Princess Consuela & Elaine, and after he did his reading, he signed books for over 10 hours. We got to him at hour 4 and he was chatty and friendly to everyone. I got him to sign my copy of Good Omens, which was already signed by Terry Pratchett (thanks, Erin!!!). This would be one of the first things I would save if my house was on fire.

Finally, my copy of Tithe. This is the original cover of the book – I discovered this book before Holly broke big with The Spiderwick Chronicles, which are also brilliant. I got Holly to sign this at The Witching Hour, where she was also a guest speaker. She signs all her books with a riddle that goes along with the theme of the book – here’s the one for Tithe.

So, that is me! I’ll be seeing you again with my review of Meg Cabot’s latest, Abandon, in the next few days.


12 responses to “Hello! Another blogger intro

  • SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

    I just never understood the appeal of Rochester & Jane was boring to me. I will save you my prolonged Jane Eyre speech though…

  • Captain Awesome

    My problem is not with Jane so much, it’s that I don’t understand why anyone thinks Rochester is some big romantic hero. He’s a manipulative jackhole and Jane’s better off without him.

  • SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

    I was always surprised that Jane went back to the mean old liar! Clearly Mr. Darcy is the winner when it comes to romantic heroes.

  • Emily

    Oh, man I LOVED Jane Eyre! It was my gateway to the classics, too, as the first that I read just for fun. I remember thinking that Jane and Rochester’s relationship was a lot more interesting than the others I had read. I never trust a Prince Charming, so Rochester’s flaws and his NOT being some gorgeous, romantic rogue were really refreshing. I wouldn’t want to BE Jane, of course, but I thought the story was thought-provoking.

  • SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

    It wasn’t the whole locking the wife i the attic thing that bothered me about Rochester. I understood that she was insane and being in a well furnished attic with a caretaker was a zillion times better than an asylum. I guess he was so broody and angry and never appreciated Jane until he was maimed. If it takes near death for you to see me, then I am not interested. I will take prideful Mr. Darcy over brooding Rochester any day. Maybe I just read Jane Eyre at the wrong time in my life. lol

    • Princess Consuela

      I am with you. He doesn’t seem sorry at all for 1)lying to Jane, and 2) trying to make her feel like the crazy one when she SEES Bertha with her own eyes. I think if you’re going to make someone a bigamist, you should at least have the courtesy to tell them what’s going on. I’m really okay with the story until Jane GOES BACK TO HIM. I really can’t get over it. I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it. *Soothing breaths.* Darcy FTW.

  • Diana

    The solution is “your name” right? I’m usually TERRIBLE with riddles.

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  • Lora

    Who is the publisher of that edition of Jane Eyre? It’s beautiful!

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