Blogger #2!

Blogger #2 here.  Sword Mistress included pictures of her library, which is fantastic.  I’ve seen it. Sadly, I do not have a library of my own yet, although I do have two handmade bookshelves that I adore.  They are also full and spilling books into the floor, which will likely lead to a heart-wrenching purge at some point in the near future.  However, difficult decisions must be made when one lives in a small apartment.  I will gird my loins and soldier on, even in the face of parting with some of my books.

I thought I’d introduce you to me and my reading habits by showing you a few pictures of some much-loved books in my library.  Take, for instance, my childhood boxed set of the Anne of Green Gables series.  Notice the broken spines and bent corners of every book but Anne’s House of Dreams, which I always found too depressing and slightly dull.  I think I only finished it once.  The books have expanded and are now too big for their box, but I still stuff them into it anyways.

Same for my Little House books.  Their blue spines show the wear more than Anne’s white ones, but I notice that Laura’s box is made of sturdier stuff than Anne’s, and Harper seems to have planned for me to re-read so many times that the books would get wider, and they allowed a little extra room inside.  Santa Claus certainly got his money’s worth when he got me these two boxed sets.  These books have been read until their pages are falling out.

This is the first signed book I ever got. I treasure it.  Had I known that Louise would never tour the states again, I would have gotten her to sign more than just the one.   Of course, that was before I realized my love of a signed first edition, too.  If she ever comes back, I will be in the signing line with an armful of books.  I am waiting for the US publication of Withering Tights like it is Christmas.

If you do not know the wonder that is The Hunger Games, you are missing out.  Or possibly you’ve been living under a rock.  I don’t know your life. I got this signed copy of Catching Fire a couple of years ago.  I was almost run down by rabid Suzanne Collins fans in their rush to get the limited wristbands one morning, so I decided that I deserved one, too.

And finally, this is my signed Neverwhere.  We waited for about 7 hours to get this autograph.  There are pictures of us looking loopy from lack of food and sleepy because it was past my bedtime, and we are still grinning like fools. Love Neil.  And Neverwhere.  If you haven’t read this, get thee to your nearest bookshop and pick it up.

All this to say WELCOME to our blog.  I hope you find our ramblings amusing.


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