Hello! (Again…)

It has been a few months since I have blogged, so I suppose I should re-introduce myself. My name is Erin Grace & if you have found yourself here then you have probably read my previous blog The World of Peachtree Publishers (which has now been taken over by the wonderful Emily). Since then I’ve changed jobs, gotten married & have a bit more time for personal book blogging.

Rampant Reads, is the brain child of me & several of my book industry friends. It is safe to say that we have an unofficial book club where we are constantly sharing & talking about the various books we read. Given this obsession with all things book, we thought that it would be fun to start a blog where we could share our books (& thoughts, activities, etc.) with others.

Which brings me back to introducing myself. I think that the best way to do this is to share my library with you. I’m not going to lie… I LOVE it! I found the green chairs by accident and they fit perfectly. On my shelves, I have everything from Children’s books to Adult Non-Fiction, although I must admit I have a serious love of YA. I read so much of it that I’m always incredibly proud of myself when I take the time to read a “grown-up” book. The rest of my books, mostly trade paperbacks, are in another room since there isn’t space for everything, much to my husbands chagrin as my books are taking over our home.

On the opposite wall, I get to enjoy part of my collection of Polaroid pictures. Along with books, I have acquired an obsession with instant film. I blame my grandmother, who never went anywhere without a Polaroid camera when I was a kid. I have a whole series of pictures of me, my sisters & cousins in the parking lots of various Ryan’s Steakhouses for this very reason. It is amazing this didn’t ruin photography for me…

Lastly, here proof that you can inherit a whole lot of awesome when you get married. As you can see, I also house my husbands belt buckle collection in my library. Each one has it’s own story and came from a different place. I even made a few for him. I make a habit of stealing them regularly.

My makeshift shelves are also evidence of how tiny my house is. Not having space for a food processor doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thrilled to get one though!

Looking around the room, I think that it is safe to assume that everything from books to cooking & everything inbetween will pop up on this blog. For now it will be updated weekly by me & (hopefully) various other masterminds behind its creation. Enjoy!


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I am a pirate princess and Governor of Melee Island. I live a quiet life of looting and pillaging with my plunder bunny, Guybrush Threepwood. (I also enjoy reading. A lot. Any book will do.) View all posts by SwordMistressofMeleeIsland

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